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The secret of the Dó Paper

April 3, 2017


Last month, thanks to the Zó Project, the kids discovered the secret of the production of the Vietnamese paper, the famous “Dó Paper”. During the afternoon, they learnt how to recycle paper, the purpose of it and made some themselves. They had the chance to transform the paper and insert some flowers and other plants inside, and through it, give a second life to this paper. A really entertaining activity for the small and big during which they let their creativity going on !


The Zó Project is social enterprise that foster the fair trade. Thanks to a partnership with a local organization in Nam Binh, the Zó Project recycles and designs artisanal object made with Dó paper. They aim to become a social business to preserve and develop "Dó paper", the traditional paper of Vietnam in a sustainable way. The idea of setting up Zó project come from the passion about handmade paper and craft village of the founder, Ms. Tran Hong Nhung. Dó paper uses an ancient paper making technique appeared in VietNam during the XIII century. Thanks to the unique natural fiber of the Do bark (Rhamnoneuron balansae), Dó paper is renowned for being very very durable, resilient and with a subtly textured surface.

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