About us: School on the Boat (SOTB) is a French NGO, founded in 2011, based in Hanoi with the mission of helping disadvantaged children to create their own better future in the Red River area through Education and Personal Development Program. In particular, the Tutor program is important, SOTB believes that Education gives children access to knowledge, the opportunity for them to find their own passion and motivation to start a new journey in the future. 

 We currently support 26 children with 8 active members, including 2 international coordinators, 1 full-time social worker and 2 part-time local coordinators.

Working time: Minimum 6 months

Location: 109 Nghia Dung, Phuc Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Type of work: Part-time (Minimum of 2 sessions/week)

Support: 20,000 VND / session


Job description:

  • School on the boat employs primary and secondary school tutors mainly in Mathematics, Vietnamese and English for children with a difficult background. 

  • Tutors teach children under the curriculum of the public school, each class has 1-2 students.  Each session lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours.  

  • Tutors work directly with the Local Coordinators to devise the most appropriate lesson plan and teaching method and report back after each class. 

  • Tutors are the closest link between the children and the NGO, they will need to support the children in all aspects of their education and alert the NGO in case of unusual behaviours.

  • In order to follow the progress of the child, every 2 months, tutors will prepare for a big test for the children and correct it.


Job Requirements:

  • Being a University student in Education Majors, English majors, Social Majors or other related majors.

  • Responsible, punctual and assertive.

  • Able to work at 5pm-7pm from Monday to Friday.

  • Commit to work over 6 months.

  • Having experience with children is a plus.

  • English communication is an advantage.



  • Multicultural, fun and professional working environment. 

  • Help disadvantaged children.

  • Improve English skills.

  • Training and gaining experience.

  • Receive a Certificate after 6 months of work.

  • Able to join the monthly extracurricular activities with the children as well as the whole Team in the organization.


How to apply:

The applicant will send a Cover Letter stating the aspiration with a personal English CV about the email address: localcoordinators@schoolontheboat.fr 

with title: [SchoolOnTheBoat] Tutor - Full Name - Subject

For questions, please contact: Ms Linh 0345711357