Who are the children to sponsor ?

The children to sponsor are already supported by School On The Boat. Their families migrated from the Vietnamese country side to Hanoi, and earn a living from irregular activities, such as selling drinks on the Long Bien Bridge or gathering recyclable waste. The children’s living conditions are precarious, and in these circumstances their access to education is threatened.


That’s why School On The Boat provides them with material and social help, which can be decisive when it comes to their success at school. Thanks to the sponsorship program, School On The Boat is able to pay for all the school fees, and provide a quality tutoring program for all the children.

What is the sponsorship program ? 

This program enables you to become the sponsor of a disadvantaged Vietnamese child.


Our actions and our sponsorship program are dedicated to education, and aim to help the children of School On The Boat to have a normal education. Ideally, a sponsor will sign up with a long-term perspective, and become a stable support for a child, through our project.

Sponsoring a child is 30$ per month, which means 360$ per year. This sum will be used to pay for the school fees of the pupils. These expenses also cover the salary of our social worker who ensures a permanent contact with the families as well as the follow-up of the children. Moreover, another part the donation will be used to purshase an insurance for the sponsored child.

You can choose to donate the whole amount, or to share it with another sponsor. You can also decide if you want to pay by check, by bank transfer or by cash, every year, every semester or every month. If you choose to pay by transfer, make sure that you plan an automatic transfer with your bank.

Fiscal advantages

Donations made as part of the sponsorship program of School on the Boat, a French non-profit association, benefit from a deductible part of income tax: 66% deduction of the amount of your donations, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

How much does a sponsor donate ?

Les conditions de vie des enfants à Hanoi

For School on the Boat, it is essential to regularly inform sponsors about the situation of our organization, our partnerships, our actions. This is why we send information regularly and are available at all times!


  • Once a month

Each month, the sponsors receive a newsletter by email with our news, information on our monthly activities, photos of the children, partnerships...


  • 2 times per year

The sponsors receive personalized newsletters with information, photos, family situation of the child they are sponsoring.

How does a sponsor receive our information ?

How to become a sponsor ?

To become a sponsor, please contact us to know if any children is in need if sponsoring. If we match you with a child, we will send you the sponsorship contract to fill in. When we receive the contract, we will send you more information about the your sponsored child.

If there are currently no children to sponsor, you will be registered on a waiting list so that we can contact you as soon as a child needs a sponsor. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our newsletter on request.



In 2013, School On The Boat launched its own sponsorship program!

Thanks to this program, you will be able to sponsor one of the children in our project. It will allow you to support our educational actions and take part in a rewarding experience.

Who are the children to sponsor? 

To become a sponsor, email us at: